The Performance Institute For Men helps men of all ages, and backgrounds reach their peak.  

It is hard for most men to begin the process of accepting that they need help with something that seemed so effortless before.  When compounded with the fear that their desire for help will be used by some to line their pocket.  

There is no need for fear when visiting the Performance Institute For Men.  Our  staff is here to help, not to scare men into making expensive decisions that they may soon regret.  

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Performance Institute For Men has helped 1000's of men reach their peak since 2011.

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Men of all ages can turn to the Performance Institute For Men when they find themselves suffering from any type of sexual health related issue including Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation.  It is important that men take action as soon as they notice a dip in sexual performance.  This is due to the crushing self-esteem, health, or romantic life issues that can develop when more serious symptoms present themselves..  Performance Institute For Men will use technology, and effective treatments to help change your life for the better.  Helping men regain their sex lives is all we do, and we are proud of our track record in helping men reach their peak sexual performance since 2011.

Minnesota's MEn's Sexual Health

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for Law Enforcement, Firemen, Veterans/Active Military, and Men 55 and older.  Standard price is $199.00.


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Performance Institute  For Men

Our treatments are very effective even when men have not had success with other providers or medications.  We have amazing success in helping men who suffer from Diabetes, High Cholesterol. Prostate Issues, and many other conditions that complicate men's sexual health.

We provide services and information to patients regarding:

  • Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of:
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Impotence
  • PreMature Ejaculation

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